About US


FriendlyMony’ as the name suggests, means ‘Friendly Relationship’. In our life, as we grow up from being a small kid to a young professional, everything changes slowly with each passing day and so do our commitments and responsibilities. By the time we realize we are already grown up, and it’s time to start earning for our living. On this journey of our life, we make numerous friends but unfortunately few stands by us for a long time. At times, we feel lonely and bored and need someone who can be our friend, a soul mate, a mentor, a teacher, a scholar, a Philosopher and so on.



Life is incomplete without a true friend and a partner who can be with us through the thick and thins of our life. In this era of social networking, where we often have thousands of friends on our social networking profiles, but in reality we do not have even a handful of friends in real life with whom we can share and spend some quality time, speak our heart out, laugh, hug, party and cherish those memories for the rest of our life. Our aim at FriendlyMony, is exactly to find you the best friend and soul mate of your life. We help you connect with your ideal friends based on age, sex, educational qualifications, professional degrees, social and religious preferences, lifestyles and so on.




As we grow in our business, we seek your love, support and encouragement which would mean a world to us and would encourage us in finding innovating ways to serve you even better.