Community Guidelines

Welcome to FrendlyMony Community. Our goal is to allow users to express themselves freely as long as it doesn’t offend others. We expect everyone on FriendlyMony to treat each other respectfully, with kindness and compassion. We do not tolerate hateful, hurtful, or harassing content .We consider unsolicited sexual content and messages to be sexual harassment.

FrindlyMony wants you to think about this one rule: treat online interactions as you would even if they were offline. 

When sending messages, consider what you would say to someone who you just met at a club or coffee shop. 

When uploading photos, consider if the same pose or outfit would be appropriate in public. 

When creating a profile, consider if you'd feel comfortable having your family member or friend read it. 

Treat it as a place where you can talk to other humans about things that matter to you both, and remember that the best way to make a meaningful connection with someone is to treat them well.

Below is a list of our community guidelines. If you violate any of these guidelines, you might be banned from FriendlyMony


If you wouldn’t say it to someone you just met in person, you shouldn’t be saying it online. Messages should be respectful, appropriate, honest, and kind. We don't tolerate sexual content or other rude behavior.People found to be sending harassing messages will be banned.

Additionally, profile content itself should also be respectful and kind. Profile essays which are found to be overly combative or hateful may be removed or may even result in your profile being banned.

Sexual Harassment/ Explicit Sexual Content

Exposing other people to your sexual fantasies without their consent is rude and inappropriate, and it's not what most people on FriendlyMony are looking for. If your profile is reported to us as sexually explicit or offensive, it will be banned.

We also do not allow unwanted sexually explicit messages on FriendlyMony. This includes descriptions of sexual acts/ kinks/ fetishes, sexualized comments about people's photos, etc.  Even if someone says they are open to hookups on their profile, it does NOT mean they want sexually explicit messages.

FriendlyMony does not allow sexually explicit photos. This includes nudity, sexually explicit or overly intimate poses, underwear photos, and kink or fetish photos.We consider this to be sexual harassment and will ban any offenders that are reported to us.


At FriendlyMony there is no room for hate where you are looking for Love. We take it very seriously and if we find anyone on FriendlyMony with hate contents, we will ban immediately.

Any content (including in profiles and messages) that promotes or condones violence, hate, dehumanization or discrimination against individuals or groups based on things like race, ethnicity, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion or appearance is strictly forbidden and may result in you being permanently banned. This includes but is not limited to:

Symbols of hate groups in photos, racist or offensive memes, etc.

Hateful slurs, offensive statements, coded language, dog whistles, or references to being a member of a hate group

Giving approval (even tacit) or statements of support towards a hate group or their ideals

The Profile name and profile text

FriendlyMony considers your profile display name and your profile text to be similar to a first message or first impression to other members.If your profile text or name could be seen as offensive, hateful, obscene, or clearly trolling, we will take moderation action, up to and including banning your profile. 

Your listed name should be the name you like to go by. It can be your first name, your initials, or a nickname- all are fine. It does not have to be the full name on your birth certificate. We do not verify listed names against any kind of ID, but we will still moderate based on names if they include offensive or obscene language, or for a profile appear to be fake. In all such cases, you will be banned immediately.

Unique and bona fide profile

You must create only one unique profile on FriendlyMony. Also, you must use FriendlyMony for bona fide relationship-seeking purposes only and not for anything else. If we found your activity suspicious, you will be banned immediately. Also, deleting and re-creating your account to get around other member's Passes or Blocks of you is unacceptable. If we see excessive and suspicious account deletion activity we may ban your profile. 

Fake Accounts

FriendlyMony does not tolerate any kind of fake accounts. Your profile must be really of you, and must be for finding a meaningful connections only.Creating any fake account will get your main account as well as the fake account(s) banned.  Additionally, your profile details such as age, height, location, etc. must be as accurate as possible. We restrict searching and showing profiles based on mutual fit for details like age, location, gender, and orientation so that we can help in finding you similar profiles which you are looking for. If we found at any point of time, the information provided by you is incorrect, we will ban our profile.

Couples/ Joint accounts

FriendlyMony does not allow joint accounts or couples accounts on its platform.


Using FriendlyMony for commercial solicitation or exchange of money is strictly prohibited. Do not share your own financial information for the purpose of receiving money or goods from other members. Do not attempt to get other member's financial or other private information. Doing any of these activities will get you banned.

Contact information 

It's always good to be cautious when exchanging contact info. A sign of a scammer, fake account, or someone up to no good is when they are in a hurry to give you their offsite contact info too quickly. This could be because they want to get you away from FriendlyMony so they can continue talking with you even after we ban them, or they are sharing someone else's contact info to get revenge on them. Don’t share your phone number out too quickly and keep the interactions on FriendlyMony only until you are comfortable.

If the user is discovered to be a scammer or has other bad reports against them then you may see the profile disappear quickly reason could be we have banned them. If a user vanishes and re-appears under another name, it’s is a very very bad sign and you must take extra precaution to interact or let us know immediately, we will take appropriate action.

Illegal behavior

It should go without saying, but discussion or promotion of anything illegal is not allowed on FriendlyMony and will result in getting you banned. This includes illegal sexual acts, drug dealing, fraud, threats, or anything else that is against the law. If you come across anyone who is involved in such activities, you should report to the law enforcing agencies immediately. You can also report us and we assure you that we will act immediately and won’t let him use our platform again.

Age Limit/ under 18

You must be at least 18 yrs. of age and above to use FriendlyMony. We STRICTLY DO NOT ALLOW MINORS on our platform. Although all profiles only allow you to enter an age over 18, sometimes people will lie about their age. If you suspect a profile of being made by someone who is under 18, please report them to us.  
If we find someone to be knowingly engaging in inappropriate conversation with someone who has revealed themselves to be under 18, we will also ban that profile. 


FriendlyMony takes your profile photos very seriously and you must adhere to this guidelines or else your account would be banned at any point of time.

Photos should be of you (profile photo album), or pictures you've taken (elsewhere). 

We do not allow any photos with full nudity or overly sexual photos even if there is no full nudity (such as bedroom lingerie shots, kink photos, etc). 

We also do not allow any hateful imagery . This will get you banned. Any photos of anything overly violent, offensive, illegal, disturbing, or otherwise inappropriate will get you banned.

Photos with contact information on them (including phone number, email address, kik, Facebook address, etc) will be removed. Repeated violation of this rule or other suspicious behavior may result in the profile being blocked as well. 

Photos of you as a kid, or of your kids but without you in the photo as well will be removed.

Finally, we will remove any image where the copyright holder has asked to have it removed, or where we strongly suspect the user is not the copyright holder (e.g., stock photos). 

For multiple offenses or extreme cases, profiles may also be banned and removed.

Offsite behavior

FriendlyMony bans profiles for extreme offsite behavior. Please report any instances of offsite abuse, assault, harassment, stalking, theft, or anything else illegal or that makes you feel unsafe. (Note: we will not tell the person you're reporting to us that you have reported them or why they were reported).

In these cases, we also encourage you to reach out to law enforcement agencies as well, who we will cooperate with where needed.  


FriendlyMony seeks your support in keeping its platform safe and secure for the genuine users who would love to make connections on our platforms. Please help us by reporting anything or anyone that does not follow our community guidelines. 

A note on false reporting: In some cases we will ban an account if we have found it to be creating false reports against other users.

While our community guidelines cover most instances of moderator action, it is not an exhaustive list, and we have the right to ban anyone from our platform for any reason if we see fit.